Classic Cat Eye

How to achieve the classic cat eye

Once you have the right tools and approach, the cat eye is quick and easy to create, and gives you the essential 1950’s look.

Firstly you need a black liquid eyeliner. There is a lot of choice out there, but try and get one with a thin tipped brush
– thick tipped brushes make it very difficult to create the ‘flick’ and often mean you have to make a few attempts.

Gel eyeliner is popular but can be messy and come off more easily than liquid eyeliner. If you want your look to last the
night go for a jet black liquid eyeliner.

I recommend either:

Wonder of vintage, vintage, 1950, classic cat eye, cat eye, make up, MAC, liquid eye liner, MAC makeupMAC’s liquid eye liner


  • Thin tipped brush for accurate and neat lines – so easy to use
  • Stays on all day and night – literally, your makeup will look exactly the same at the end of the night!
  • Doesn’t clog up


  • More expensive than your average liquid liner at £16 for a small bottle
  • It’s really hard to get off! This is both a pro and a con, as your makeup will look fabulous all night long,
    however when you come to remove it before bed it can take a good scrub. Apparently the MAC
    makeup remover removes it easily if you’re happy to fork out a bit more money, but I’ve never tried
    it so can’t confirm this.



collection 2000, classic cat eye, wonder of vintage, make up, cat eye makeup, rachel wright, 1950's look, vintage makeup, vintage lookCollection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner


  • Very inexpensive at approximately £3
    • Thin tipped brush for accurate and neat lines – also very easy to use
  • Lasts reasonably well for the day


  • Can clog slightly when starting to run out


Once you’ve found your perfect eyeliner it’s time to get practicing!

  1. Draw a thin line across your top eyelid as close to your lash line as possible
  2. At the edge of your eyelid you need to create the ‘flick’ by drawing a short line from the eyelid going upwards in the
    direction of the end of your eyebrow
  3. Next fill in the space between the two lines
  4. Voila! Now do the same to the other eye and neaten up any lines so that your eyes match

It may take some patience and practice the first few times, but once you’ve got the knack it will take just a couple of minutes
to do your cat eyes and mascara to create this essential 50’s look!


If you really want to get the vintage look right, then remember to leave your lower lashline alone – ladies didn’t start
wearing eyeliner and mascara on their lower lids until the 60’s. The 50’s was all about making the eyes look big – often
heavy on the mascara on the top lid and sometimes the addition of fake lashes.

And that’s it – your classic cat eye. Enjoy!

– Rachel